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Chemical and Environmental Management

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Prochem is a one-stop-shop for all your business-based chemical needs...

The company's experienced professionals can offer advice and assistance across a broad range of areas including:

  • Chemical application
  • Storage dispensing
  • Solvent recycle cleaning stations
  • Recycling
  • Dust control
  • Spill response (oil pollution control equipment available)

Popular products on offer include:

  • Water and solvent-based cleaning products
  • Hand cleaners (such as Odor Gone, based on botanical extracts)
  • Cutting-edge bioflavonoid products
  • E-degrease (heavy-duty hydrocarbon solvent-free degreasing formulation for the in-place removal of grease and oil from machinery components)
  • Soil Guard (a water-resistant binding emulsion).
  • Hydrocarbon recycling parts for washing machines
  • Gel Blocks (in place of liquid chemicals to reduce maintenance, warehousing and transport costs; the 25 kilogram blocks are equivalent to 1000 litres of liquid product).

Prochem will also package recycling systems to allow the supply of chemicals to remote locations. Chemical mixing and dispensing systems can be built to suit any workshop or field operation and Prochem also offers in-pit and underground servicing facilities.

Additionally, company professionals can design, fabricate and install chemical batching equipment used in detergent ring main systems in workshops and washpad facilities.

Organisations in need of the whole environmental package should look no further.

Prochem will create an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) tailored to the specific needs of your organisation.

One of the key considerations of Prochem's EMPs is water reduction.

Some of the organisation's ecologically sound strategies include:

  • Reducing overall water usage in washpads, workshops pits and haul roads, etc, using non-toxic renewable green technologies
  • Implementing dry-cleaning processes in workshops to clean up hydrocarbon spills
  • Installing systems to evacuate waste oil and recycle solvent cleaners
  • Reusing wastewater onsite at the source.
  • Designing and writing preventative maintenance programs for environmental collection and treatment systems
  • Implementing preventative maintenance inspections and procedures for environmental plant equipment.
product bulletins