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Janitorial and Hospitality Supplies

Looking for janitorial and hospitality cleaning products and supplies? Then look no further than Prochem Agencies. We can supply a whole range of sanitizers, fresheners, detergents, cleaners, washes, polishes, deodorisers, spot removers, and more.

In keeping with our environmentally-aware charter, Prochem Agencies provides all of these products in environmentally responsible packaging from Evolution Organics.

Prochem Agencies believes in keeping up with the latest environmentally friendly technological advances and introduced the Bag in a Box product to its clients earlier this year.

The business recently implemented the new innovative product throughout a number of mine sites in the Bowen Basin, with much success.

The Bag in a Box system is a rugged multilayer polyethylene bag contained in a semi water proof cardboard box.

The package weighs 15kg to comply with the latest OH&S lifting requirements and is conveniently shaped to securely fit on normal janitorial/kitchen shelving.

The box is PET coated to add strength and water resistance while giving the package a clean hygienic appearance.

The product, manufactured by Australian company Evolution Organics, effectively addresses the current issue of plastic drum disposal.

The product is an environmentally effective way for the packaging of specialty chemicals into the mining sector as plastic containers cannot be disposed of onsite.

The box can be recycled and is disposable by normal waste processes as the outer box is biodegradable and can be handled as normal paper/cardboard waste and the inner bag is acceptable to normal garbage waste.

The entire package presents only 8% by weight of the plastic normally contained in a plastic drum of similar capacity.

Prochem Agencies general manager John Colvin said: "Implementing the Bag in a Box was a logical move as our business services an industry which relies on appropriate chemical management."

The inner bag component can be fitted with almost any type of valve arrangement, however for the majority of applications it comes with a long neck tap as standard.

This tap is designed to take a quick connect fitting, thus allowing the package to be connected to almost any existing dispensing equipment, from dishwashing dispensers through to manual hand pumps.

It can also be wall mounted for additional convenience.

There are big savings to be made with our Bag in a Box packaging, both with storage, disposal and freight.