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Water and Waste Treatment

Prochem Agencies is an expert in the fields of water and waste treatment strategies. Experienced staff can offer advice, assistance and appropriate products to manage:

  • Water treatment and storage
  • Sewerage and waste treatment
  • Wastewater collection, recycling and disposal options
  • Spill response equipment, application and service options
  • Bio-remediation (enzyme packages available).


With more than 25 years of experience behind them, Prochem's trained professionals have served the water treatment needs of Mackay region businesses and beyond.

The company specialises in the provision, installation and maintenance of:

  • Coalescing plate separators
  • Weir, belt and disc skimmers
  • Oil/water separator treatment systems
  • Solids de-watering
  • Hydro cyclone (industrial filtration)
  • Dissolved air flotation units
  • RO treatment systems
  • Screw and diaphragm pumps
  • Channel impellors
  • Fully automated drive-through vehicle wash systems
  • Heavy equipment wash pads


Prochem manages all aspects of chemical management - from engineering, design and construction to installation, maintenance and cleaning of appropriate plant equipment.

The company's team of professionals carry out onsite risk assessments in waste minimisation, consolidation and rationalisation. Prochem also offers waste services in effluent collection, treatment and disposal, tracking, source control and onsite incineration (as approved by the Department of Mines and Energy).

As a bio-remediation specialist; some of the organisation's innovative and cost-effective solutions include:

  • Application-specific kits
  • Bio-remediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soil and water
  • In situ bio-remediation of contaminated sites
  • Tailing dams
  • Evaporation ponds.