management in Mackay

For trustworthy environmental management services in Mackay, turn to the professionals at Prochem Agencies. We handle water filtration, waste & more.

Prochem Agencies

Prochem Agencies specialises in a wide range of environmental management services, diesel and truck repairs and more. We were founded in Australia and dedicated to serving the unique needs of the resource and mining sectors.

We offer full repairs of diesel trucks as well as heavy-duty machinery. We’ll help get your vehicles back and up running again, or provide ongoing maintenance when needed.
We provide professional auto electrical services for machinery and other vehicles. Our specialties include air conditioning repairs and other electrical work.
Our business provides filters and filtration systems for vehicles, as well as a wide range of supplies and materials for a number of industries, including saw blades and more.
We’ll pick up your heavy-duty trucks and machinery for repairs and other work. We can handle machinery of various sizes.
We offer a wide range of services including minimising industrial waste, pollution and contamination. We also work within numerous industries, including the resource sector, oil and gas, production and refining minerals processing, iron and steel, environmental services and government regulations and services.
We are committed to providing superior service to each client and we will ensure your full satisfaction. Additionally, we are a community oriented company and enjoy giving back to our local community through donations to the Salvation Army and other charities, including those committed to the preservation of Tasmanian Devils.

We offer engine coolant replacements to keep your engines running cool. Contact us for more information about our engine coolant products. 

We’ll help you prevent environmental contamination by removing dangerous waste materials from a wide range of industries and locations.

We can provide full water and waste treatment services to prevent environmental contamination. Contact us for more information. 

We provide a number of clean-up services for mine sites and other industrial locations. We can also provide training programs to help your company better maintain waste materials.

Why choose us for environmental management services?

Our team is comprised of professionals within the industry who have been working in the field for many years, so you can be sure you are getting truly professional and expert services. If you need help with your environmental management issues, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.
We take great pride in our community, and we strive to keep it in the healthiest state possible through our business and our charity work.