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Prochem is proud to offer a wide range of Chemical and Environmental Management Services.

This service includes not only how you access and use Chemicals within your Company, but also how your business can prevent contamination and pollution during use and disposal procedures. Our professional staff will take a full assessment of your business and offer advice on keeping your chemicals tightly controlled, so you will protect not only the environment, but also your employees. We are committed to offering innovative and lasting plans that will carry your business throughout the years to maintain sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Prochem will work with you to develop plans that are effective, easy to implement and cost­ effective. Our range of chemical and environmental management services include:

You will also find that Prochem offer a wide range of products to make the process of implementing our strategies easier. Our full range of Environmentally friendly Risk Management Products Includes

prochem street sweeper for chemical spills


Prochem will work with you to develop Dispatching Systems, as well as designing, fabricating and installing Chemical Batching Systems for Detergent Ring Main Systems in workshops and wash pad facilities.
Our expert team at Prochem can help you develop a full Management Package across a wide range of areas to keep your Business responsible.

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