Serious Signs You Need a Mechanic in Mackay ASAP!

Trucks in shop ready for mechanic repairs - Mechanic Mackay, QLD

As anyone who owns and operates a truck for a living, mechanical failure is the bane of your life. Time is money and the more time you are off the road, the more money it is going to cost you. Not only do you have to pay for parts and labour, but you lose business as well. The headache is just the same if you are managing a fleet of wagons. You have contracts and schedules to keep and every time one of your diesel trucks is off the road there is potential loss of revenue.

Accidents and breakdowns happen all the time. Any truck that is in constant use will suffer from mechanical failure at some point. This is a given and part of the trucking business that you have to take in your stride.  You can be prepared for the inevitable by contracting a firm that provides mechanic services in Mackay. We at Prochem Group of Companies provide a wide range of mechanical services to commerce and industry, one of them being truck maintenance and diesel repairs. Here’s when you might need us ASAP.


Engine Warnings

When your engine won’t turn over is an obvious problem. It could be a problem with the starter. They do get worn after a time. On the other hand, it could be blocked fuel lines or dirty jets. The thing is, if you haven’t got the expertise or equipment, what are you going to do? Obviously call heavy goods diesel mechanical services.


Oil Pressure Problems

If you are losing oil pressure, you probably have a leak. It could be a cracked sump. It could be any number of things. What you need to do is get it fixed as soon as possible. Lack of oil in your motor puts your engine in danger of seizing up. If that happens you won’t have a problem with your motor anymore, you just have to go out and buy a new engine. It would make sense to hire a firm that provides mechanic services to sort it out rapidly.


Brake Failure

What about your brakes? If your brakes fail suddenly, you will soon know about it. Maybe your brakes aren’t failing but are a bit sluggish? When driving some heavy duty wagon weighing a few tonnes, braking times and distance are vital. Sluggish brake response can be costly in many different ways, so it is better to have your truck maintained by a firm that offer a professional mechanical service.


Our Dedicated Mackay Mechanics!

The examples above are obvious ones, but there are others. To take this worry out of your life it is better to find a company that offers reliable mechanical services in Mackay. Here at Prochem Group pf Companies, diesel repairs and truck fittings are mechanic services that we offer. If you have a diesel truck don’t hesitate to call us or you can contact us through our message page.