Environmental services in Mackay

Here at Prochem Agencies, we offer a wide range of not only environmental services, but diesel repair, auto electrical, waste removal and warehousing services to help business in a wide range of sectors. We are committed to providing quality service at affordable rates, and we specialise in industries that require special skill and knowledge to ensure the safety of our crew, as well as the environment. 

We are experts at performing our tasks without causing damage to the surrounding eco-system. We’ll help your business become more eco-friendly itself as we help you remove hazardous waste such as grease and batteries, store your waste in our warehouses, or perform water filtration services.

Mechanical Repair — Environmental Management in Mackay, QLD

We offer the following services:

  • Infrastructure management
  •  Chemical management
  •  Waste treatment, collection & recycling
  •  Spill response equipment & training
  •  Preventative mine site maintenance services
  •  Bio-remediation programs
  •  Warehousing & distribution
  •  Powerline support & road maintenance
  •  Order & delivery management

We operate within the following industries:

  • Resource sector
  • Oil & gas
  • Production, refining & exploration
  • Minerals processing
  • Iron & steel
  •  Industrial distribution centres
  •  Government regulators & services
  • Environmental services

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We are committed to helping local businesses remove grease and other harmful substances from job sites without having a negative impact on the environment. We also complete our own jobs with the highest attention to detail in terms of safety and risk management, so you can rest assured that you are getting the most eco-friendly options for your business.

Call today to more information on our range of environmental services and more. We are happy to provide detailed information on all of our services to help you make an informed decision on which options are the best for your business.