Water & Waste Treatment in Mackay

Water & Waste Treatment

For more than 25 years, Prochem have provided quality Water Filtration and Waste Management services to various industries.

Our Water and Waste treatments are environmentally responsible for the Mining & Construction Industries, and help protect the local eco-systems from pollution. 

You can be confident that Prochem will provide timely and affordable services for your business, while also offering education on proper waste storage and disposal, which will allow your business an upper hand and knowledge on eco-conscious practices. 

Water & Waste Treatment - Mechanic Mackay, QLD


Water & Waste Treatment - Mechanic Mackay, QLD

Our professionals also take part in every aspect of Chemical Management for a variety of industries.

You can rely on Prochem to arrange your engineering, design and construction, through to installation, maintenance and cleaning of appropriate Plant Equipment. Prochem’s experts will visit your business to perform a Risk assessment, as well as carry out minimisation, consolidation and rationalisation. Prochem is committed to helping your business handle Waste Management in a streamlined and responsible manner. Our expert staff are always here to answer any questions you may have, while providing detailed and up to date information on our full range of services. 

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